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1. Acknowledgement of historic and current systemic and institutional racism and gender inequality in the United States.

This is the most important, the other 9 points will not matter unless there is acknowledgement (much like an addict that needs to realize their addiction before recovery).

2. No longer use the phrase “politically correct.”

It’s about doing the right thing and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

3. Develop Strategies.

Instill hiring & recruiting practices that are more objective for initial consideration, reach out to more diverse schools/programs to recruit qualified staff that also increases diversity.

4. A no tolerance policy of racial/sexual/ LGBTQ/religious disrespect and harassment.

Consequences not just for staff but also clients, consultants or upper management (e.g. a principal). It should no longer be tolerated due to revenue, bringing profit or clients to the firm, a current practice in some firms.

5. Allow open dialogue, encourage listening and understanding.

This will be uncomfortable for some staff. Firms must take the initiative to become more educated on the challenges of minorities & women not just in the profession but also in their communities.

6. Buy in from all staff, especially critical with White staff.

This is not a Black or Brown, People of Color or Woman problem, it’s America’s problem.

7. Eliminate subjective promotions and partnerships.

Provide actual identified measurable metrics and paths towards upper management and leadership for all staff.

8. Mentor all staff that have expressed interest in “next levels.”

9. “If they see or hear something, say something!”

Each staff members should be their brother and sister’s keeper regarding any observation of disrespect due to race, gender, religion or sexual orientation inside and outside the workplace.

10. Treat people as YOU want to be treated.