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NOMAarizona actively supports our membership, as well as serving in our community.

Civic Diversity Initiative

Our Civic Diversity Initiative is a campaign to help our members get more actively involved in government from Village Planning Committee to State Representative and all levels in between.

Chairperson – Vacant 

(Interested Volunteers – please email


Professional Development

This program focuses on elevating our members by providing the tools they need to start their own firm and promote their business and professional objectives.

Chairperson – Norma Michaels



College Liaison

We keep a direct line of communication open to our universities to support our NOMAS student population with a Diversity Career Fair and Mentorship opportunities.

Chairperson – Julia Lopez

ASU Advisor – Brie Smith

U of A Advisor – Oscar Lopez



ARE Prep

ARE Prep is for our members that are Emerging Professionals working toward licensure, with free seminars, scholarships and access to study materials.

Chairperson – Miguel Solorio

Co-Chair – Jenny Nguyen


K-12 Programs

These programs, spearheaded by Project Pipeline and AZ Kidsbuild, are focused on immersive learning by hosting design-based camps at schools in underrepresented communities to ensure minority students get exposure to the vast opportunities that our profession has to offer.

Project Pipeline Chairperson – Fatima Garcia

K-12 Chairperson – Michelle Ray 



Coffee Talk Series

This is an informal gathering of members as well as those perhaps thinking about membership to meet once a month and hold conversations on topics that might otherwise be uncomfortable in another setting.

Chairperson – Alisa Santiago

Co-Chair – Kennedy Fraizer



Diversity Career Fair

The objective is to give students the opportunity to virtually meet with firms for potential internships or employment (post graduates) as well as providing students the opportunity to gain interview experience and network.

Chairperson – Brooke Manriquez

Co-Chair – Zahir Poonawala



This committee serves as the warm welcome to all new members as well as outreach to potential members.

Chairperson – Clarence McAllister




Our mentorship program works with our very diverse chapter to pair mentors and mentees in a flexible, build-your-own sort of arrangement that suits the needs of anyone from a student to a more senior level professional.

Chairperson – Cristiana Rueda



The John R Williams memorial scholarship awards 2 qualified applicants annually serving our mission to promote the benefits of diversity within the student bodies of design schools by providing financial assistance.

Chairperson – Zahir Poonawala


Say It Loud 2023

SAY IT LOUD is part of Beyond the Built Environment – which engages community through architecture to advocate equitable, reflectively diverse environments. SAY IT LOUD is a travelling exhibit of diverse designers to be showcased around Arizona and in the National online Great Designers Library.

Chairperson – Michelle Ray



Marketing and Communications

This committee informs our chapter and the public of all upcoming events and campaigns, fueling our many channels of communication (including our website and social media) and strategizing creative ways to reach our community.

Chairperson – Pratima Tatikonda

Co-Chair –  Maurita Harris




This committee leads efforts to organize facility/project tours by creating a platform for diverse individuals and companies from various industries to showcase their expertise. 

Chairperson – Pratima Tatikonda



Our fundraising committee plays a crucial role in securing financial support, fostering community relationships, and implementing strategic fundraising initiatives.

Chairperson – Tara Brown


Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

K-12 Initiatives

A variety of programs for students, Kindergarten to 12th grade, to learn about design and different career paths connecting them with architects and designers.


Financial support for local architects and design students to continue their education and professional growth, including their path towards licensure.

ARE Prep

Seminars that prepare Emerging Professionals for Architectural Registration Exams.

Educational Events

Chapter Meetings, Discussions, and Community activities that focus on justice equality through design.


Mentoring partnership with Arizona Student Chapters (ASU, U of A)