June 6-9, 2022

NOMA AZ recently participated in the Roosevelt School District Middle School Everyone Can Create Summer Camp. This is the second year NOMA joined the camp and due to the popularity of last year’s architecture camp, the district asked NOMA AZ to put on a four-day exercise in lieu of two.

The community outreach Project Pipeline team worked together to expand our curriculum from a two-day camp to four days of exercises and had a great turnout from members including Luis Cruz-Martinez. The activities built upon one another with:

Day 1 – Intro, Sketching, Symmetrical and Perspective Drawing
Day 2 – Scale Drawings and School Site Walk Studying Architectural Types
Day 3 – Materials, Sustainability and Creating their own Inspiration Boards
Day 4 – Model and Presentation

The students were split into groups and had to choose one of two design problems. One option a Community Center and the other a Food Market / Teaching Garden. Each had a program to work with and had to incorporate one sustainable feature and one space that they felt helped the community. It was refreshing to see one group chose rainwater collection as their sustainable measure for their garden and had the water collected in an archway over the entry. For us mentors it was a moment of pause to hear two of the three groups choose an area for a counselor because they don’t have one at school.

We were thrilled to see the talented minds and creativity of the kids, our future!

If you want to volunteer for this event in the future, please check our volunteer opportunities page often.